Paleolithic Vs Neolithic

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Paleolithic Vs. Neolithic

Compare and Contrast

The Paleolithic Era and the Neolithic Era are alike in many ways, and also different in many ways. The Paleolithic Era was also known as the Old Stone Age and the Neolithic was known as The New Stone Age. They both had many developments that helped them survive.

Some ways that the two eras are similar, but also different, was in the use of fire. Fire was important in both eras. In the Old Stone Age, they used fire from nature. They would cook the meat with it. They would also do this in the New Stone Age, but they learned how to make fire on their own. Tools were important for survival in both eras. In the Paleolithic Era, the tools were made of stone, flint or bones. During the Neolithic Era, people learned that tools made of bronze or irons were better. Another similarity example is how they both used animals for food and clothing. In the Paleolithic Era, men hunted animals for food and would always be looking to find their next meal. In the Neolithic Era they also hunted animals, but they also domesticated animals so that they could use them for milk, meat and to carry heavy loads.

The climate was different during both eras. It was very cold during the Old Stone Age. The weather became warmer during the Neolithic Era so it was better for growing crops. Getting food was very different in each era. In the Paleolithic Era, people were hunters-gatherers and didn’t have any extra food. During the Neolithic Era, people learned that seeds make plants and how to domesticate plants and animals. They began farming. As a result farming, there was a surplus of food. Settlement in both eras was very different. In the Paleolithic Era, they had no permanent settlement. They were always moving around to look for food for survival. Sometimes they lived in caves. During the Neolithic Era, people started living in more permanent houses.

As you can see, there were many similarities...
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