Paleolithic Age

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The Paleolithic Age
The notion that Paleolithic man was a cave man is preposterous. They were physically the same us people today, we are now and were than Homo sapiens. Society than was fairly complex, people lived in communities, they had art and music, they also believed in more than just the physical plane of existence in which they lived, even made tools. The common place location of a community was in valleys in France. Primary sources of food were hunting and gathering, from the rich forests surrounding them. They caves surrounding inhabited locations were filled with paintings and artifacts not signs of being a home. They paintings showed the underworld, the earth and the heavens. They had drums, dancing, and singing. The tools they made were more advanced than anything before their time, flint blades were used and they even fished. Surely these some of these tools were used for the sculpting Venus figurines. Paleolithic man was much more advanced than people give credit too.

Caves were a very sacred place to Paleolithic man. This can be seen by the frequency of cave paintings on inaccessible places of the walls, fossilized foot prints of families, even alters carved out of formations in the floor. The cave was alluring to man for the basic element of shelter from: the elements, predatory animals, and most natural disasters. Paleolithic man stumbling upon a cave would be an amazing find. While they didn't have the resources or technology to build a fully enclosed rock shelter they could just find them. In the article "Sacred Places" Witcombe said "the cave has been identified as the womb of Mother Earth." This adds another attractive feature to the cave since man respected and almost certainly viewed the earth as sacred. These caves are very important to anthropologists today, where else would they be able to find intact paintings and artifacts from twenty thousand B.C.?

Cave paintings are an important artifact left by...
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