Palelithic Era to Mesopotmia

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From "(ca. 600,000-6,500 B.C.E)" (Kishlansky, Geary, & O'Brien, 2008, p. 7,10). the Paleolithic and Neolithic era occurred. The Paleolithic era evolved to the Neolithic era. The transformation of these eras are a big advancement in society, in the fact that the Paleolithic era focused on speech and religion while the Neolithic era focusing on the improvement in settlements, and tools. These four compelling transitions from the huntinggathering to food-producing society: Increased technology, advancements in management, the formation of a tiered society, and mercantilism

The Paleolithic era was from "(ca. 600,000-10,000 B.C.E)" (Kishlansky, Geary, & O'Brien, 2008, p. 7).[Good to cite this information, but you don’t need the parentheses or the

quotes for just a date.] This hunting and gathering society relied on basic technology. Use of

stone and copper were primarily the main resources used in the creation of tools, equipment and

weapons. They moved from area to area, living in caves or tents made of animal fur.

Throughout time it slowly began to require better technology for tools and weapons. At the start

of the Neolithic era "(ca. 8,000-6,500 B.C.E)" (Kishlansky, Geary, & O'Brien, 2008, p. 10), the

use of more advanced tools was recognized.[Here the parentheses are good, but you still don’t

need the quotes; the citation should go at the end of the sentence.] Some of these tools like the

plow and scythe were used for farming. They also made improvements to weapons, to include:

improved arrowheads, and spears. The start of settling and building has was first seen around

this time. They also formed more advanced weapons and strategies for hunting. This also

increased the advancements in management. [How are they related?]

Advancements from the Paleolithic to Neolithic Era 3

The advancements in management was [were] mostly noted during and after the

Neolithic era. During this time, the houses were being built and farming was progressing with

the use of the new tools. Along with the domestication of animals, settlements and cities began

to flourish. The manufacturing of tools for farming, and other tasks allowed the settlements and

cities to perform more efficiently. With this form of management [How is this management?],

more was being done in less time with better results. They were able to establish a form of

leadership [What form?] due to demand for a more precise coordination from excess pressure put

on [Put on what?] from the rising population growth (Kishlansky, Geary, & O'Brien, 2008).

The use of a tiered society was more prudent after the start the Neolithic era.[More

prudent than what? Why more prudent?] Through this, a governing system was founded. An

example of this tiered society is Mesopotamia and Egypt [That’s two examples]. A substantial

part of these forming societies, was religion. Both Mesopotamia and Egypt believed in their

gods. They both believed that their kings and pharaohs [pharaohs were only in Egypt] were

intertwined with the different gods. The basic structure has five tiers. From tier five being the

bottom and tier one being the top. Tier five was the farmers and common laborers (e.g. slaves,

militia), tier four the artisans, tier three being the scribes, tier two the governors and priests, and

tier one the king. This basic tier structure has not changed much throughout the ancient and

medieval times. This bottom tier would harvest crops and do the hard labor (e.g. building of the

pyramids in Egypt). The artisans would craft and sell the wares which were made.

In recent findings, "the presence there of tools and statues made from stone not

obtainable locally indicates that some...
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