Palace Of Knossos Essay

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The Palace of Knossos is situated in North Central Crete just south of the outskirts of Heraklion on the Kephala hill. The site was built in the 1900 B.C with the evidence that it was first occupied sometime around 7000 BCE in the Aceramic Neolithic period shown by the first monumental architecture. Although Knosses was found by Minos Kalokairinos in 1878, the palace of Knosses was found in 1984 by Sir Arthur Evans. An Earthquake in the 1700 BC and possibly a volcanic eruption in the 1600 BC led to the downfall of the Minoan’s civilization. It was later inhabited with the Myceneans until In 1500 BC, the Mycenaean left as a settlement until it was destroyed by fire 100 years later. Primary sources of artefacts and remains of the palace of Knossos enables the society in to develop a thorough understanding about the different aspects of the past civilization of the Minoans (earliest European civilization) and the Mycenaean, the first Greeks. …show more content…
The Minoan civilization contribution to construction of the European architecture of a well-designed, intricate Palace with a well organised water system that used underground clay pipes for sanitation and water supply. This consolidates the fact that the ancient civilization in Knossos was extremely advanced, prosperous and had a knowledge of the necessities that was required. This allows the future generations in the modern society to study the customs of designs such as the wall paintings, pottery and columns to learn about the common life, religion, politics, agriculture etc. of the Mycenaean and Minoans. ‘The ladies in blue’ is an example of a fresco in the palace that portrays the Minoan ideal for female, depicts court fashion and display the wealth of the Minoan court by their

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