Pakistan State Oil Internship Report

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Overview of Pakistan State Oil3
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Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is a multi-million and global competitive state-owned megacorporation and the leading oil marketing presiding entity in Pakistan. The organization offers twice a year internship program for the students, and luckily our group of 26 people was selected for Lubricants Department. PSO started blending its own Lubricants in 2009, and now it has a huge Department for the Lubricants at PSO House. Since, then PSO has been working very hard on creating its brand image into the consumers' mind and has successfully reached its goal through nonstop struggle and hard work. Our 14 member team was assigned to organize various events for Retails Department in order to boost sales. And these events includes three day event called care day customer, an Arena Stall Activity, two Retail Outlet events, and Get Together (TGTG). This is an internship report regarding our stay in the Organization, and in retails Department. The report contains introduction about the PSO followed by the history of PSO, and the introduction of retails Department. In this report, we have discussed the working environment of PSO at indoor and outdoor as well. PSO has been offering various categories of Lubricants to its customers like Carient family, Deo and Blaze etc. according to the customers' needs. In this report we have summarized all our work which we have done till now during our internship period. We have been in different Retail Outlets of PSO, where we dealt with the customers and tried to market the Lubricants and created awareness about the brand. Different promotional strategies like discount, mobile cards and lucky draw etc. were introduced in order to increase the sales of the particular brand. We also learnt about other miscellaneous work being followed to market the brand in Oil Industry. Not only the events have we covered but also some of visits as well. Our most interesting visit was to Lubricants Manufacturing Terminal where we learnt how the Oil has been blended and stored in different terminals and how the system being followed to perform the work accordingly. And our second visit was to Zulfiqarabad Oil Terminal (Z.O.T) which also revealed as a learning experience for all of us. At the end of the report, we have provided our suggestions and recommendations for the betterment of the Organization.

Overview of Pakistan State Oil
Overview of PSO
PSO is the largest oil marketing company in Pakistan which is engaged in storage, distribution and marketing of various POL products such as mogas, FO, HSD, Kerosene, LPG, Jet Fuel (JP-1), CNG petrochemicals and lubricants. It has the largest network of retail outlets that serves the automotive sector and supplies fuel to the railways, aviation industry, armed forces, power projects and the agriculture sector. PSO possesses the largest distribution network in the country comprising of 3,689 outlets out of which 3,500 outlets serve the retail sector and 189 outlets serve bulk customers. It operates 31 Company-Owned and Company-Operated (Co-Co) sites serving the retail sector. Amongst the total OMCs' imports in the country, PSO has the largest share. It imports HSD, FO and mogas in order to meet the supply deficit where transport and aviation are the largest consumers of HSD and Mogas, while the IPPs and power plants use FO.

With 9 installations and 23 depots located across the country, PSO has a storage capacity of almost one million tons represents 74 percent of the total storage capacity owned by all the oil marketing companies. PSO also indulges in the lubricant business in order to cater to all kinds of lubricants customers, including automotive, hi-street and industrial consumers. HISTORY

The history of the Company dates back to 1974 when...
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