Pakistan Retail Sector

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Pakistan retail sector was worth $40 Billion dollars in fiscal year 2012, and has been growing at 5.3% in real (inflation adjusted) terms for the past five years. PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY:
MNCs have a 53% share in pharmaceutical market. Where as the remaining 47% share is among the local companies. There are total 600 licensed companies in the country. According to the data, GSK tops the list among MNCs with a share of 11.59%. Where as, Getz pharmacheuticals tops the list among local companies with a share of 3.76%. PASSENGER CARS:

Suzuki, Toyota, Honda and Dihatsu are passenger car producers in Pakistan and all these companies are MNCs. Pakistan has no local company which produces passenger cars. POTATO CHIPS:
According to SMEDA, there are a total of 60% of branded chips and 40% are unbranded chips which are being sold in Pakista. Of these 60%, Lays have a 57.9% of market share, super crisp with 19.80%, Golden chips with 9.95% and kolson with 14.65% share in the market. This means that multinationals have a 72.55% of share in branded chips. THE RANGE OF SPENDING POWER:

Class/ Categorization| Proportion| Daily Income|
Lower Lower (Destitute)| 41.9%| Less than $1.25 per day| Middle lower (Aspirants)| 23%| $1.25-2 per day|
Lower Middle (Fledgling Middle Class)| 8.5%| $2-4 Per day| Middle Middle (Hard-core Middle Class)| 4.3%| $4 – 10 per day| Upper Middle (Elite Middle Class)| 6%| $10 – 20 per day| Upper (Privileged)| 0.4%| More than $20 per day|
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