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Topics: Karachi, Sewage treatment, Sewage / Pages: 62 (15370 words) / Published: Mar 30th, 2011
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My thanks go to all the individuals who took time to answer my questions during interviews in the UK and Pakistan and to explain and demonstrate their mapping methodologies and outputs to me. I’m especially grateful to OPPRTI and ASB in Pakistan. This report would not have been possible without their professional and dedicated organisation of my itinerary in Karachi and in Faisalabad and Jaranwala and their openness to all my questions and comprehensive explanation of their work. I am also thankful to Roya Jodieri who wrote the Annex describing ASB’s approach to GIS mapping in Jaranwala in more detail.

ADB ASB CBO CDGK CDN GIS KA KCR KMC KWWMP KWSB MoE NGO OPP-RTI SACCOSAN SKAA TMA TTRC UC URC WASA YTP Asian Development Bank Anjuman Samaji Behbood Community-Based Organisation City District Government of Karachi Community Development Network Geographical Information System Katchi Abadi (informal settlement) Karachi Circular Railway Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Korangi Waste Water Management Project Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Ministry of Environment Non-Governmental Organisation Orangi Pilot Project – Research and Training Institute South Asian Conference on Sanitation Sindh Katchi Abadi Authority Tehsil Municipal Administration Technical Training Resource Centre Union Council Urban Resource Centre Water and Sewerage Authority Youth Training Programme


Table of contents
Executive summary 1 Introduction 2 Urbanisation and its repercussions 2.1 Devolution and responsibilities for sewage disposal in Karachi 2.2 Obstacles to coherent infrastructure development 3 Mapping 3.1 The Orangi Pilot Project and a brief history of its sanitation mapping 3.2 Objectives and target groups 3.3 Inputs 3.4 Sanitation mapping methodology and process 3.5 Various mapping outputs 4 Use of mapping and its political repercussions 4.1 Use by communities and NGOs 4.2 Use by different government agencies 4.3 Policy

References: 37 Batley, R et al (2004): Non-State Providers of Basic Services

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