pakistan is a poor country

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Pakistan is not a poor Country but in fact; a Poorly Managed Country Pakistan is a great country with tremendous resources regarding minerals, fertile, water resources, land, good industries, strong manpower, flourishing weather and all those blessings which any developed country can have but false policies and poorly managed plans let it down to the borderline of third world country. An Overview

Pakistan is situated in a region where bulk of natural resources is found in its surroundings. Pakistan is one of those countries which are endowed by the natural resources. The fact is evidence from figure 1 which shows the trend of natural resources Natural Resource Management and Economic Growth in Pakistan (agriculture, fuel and minerals) as percentage of GDP. Overall trend of these types of exports is decreasing over time. It can be seen that such exports constituted over 12 percent in 1977 but it remained under 10 percent throughout our sample period. Natural capital

Natural capital can play an important role to boost the economic growth and to accelerate the pace of development. Evidence is found that the countries having vast natural resources could not perform significantly compared with the countries deficient of natural capital. This paper empirically explores the contribution of natural resources to economic growth for Pakistan for the period of 1975-2006 using time series econometric technique. The results are very much similar with existing literature available on the subject. There is adverse nexus between exports related natural resources as ratio of GDP and economic growth. Our findings also indicate that inadequate attention has been paid to human resource development in Pakistan throughout our sample period. 2nd largest dams

3 nuclear reactors
5 rivers

6th largest Army
7th largest nuclear power

Height of poorly Managed country
I compared Pakistan with world smallest country in the world but unfortunately we reduce our money value day by day due to poor management.


World Second Largest Islamic Country
World Smallest Islamic Country
Area; 8,03,940 sq Km
Area; 300 sq/Km
Water 40%, Earth 96%
Water 90% Earth 10%
World 5th Largest Army Force
World 131st Rank Army Force
14th rank in Agriculture
158th rank in Agriculture
The Mountain range of 8611 meters height
The country with the least height 2.3 meters
Vast Deserts, Beautiful Valleys, High Mountains
Combination of 1192 small islands
Huge Resources of Gas, Coal
NO Natural Resources
But Unfortunately

Literacy Rate: 56%
Literacy Rate: 96%
Currency: 1 US $=85 Rupees
Currency: 1 US $=13 Riffya
Per Head Income: 1044$
Per Head Income: 3700$
Resources are here and prosperity and education is there…Why?

Energy Crises:
The power shortage is harmful to the country’s economy and it is pulling down Pakistan’s GDP growth. Energy is the most important sources for economic growth of a country. Unfortunately Pakistan has to face a major energy crisis in Natural gas, Power and Oil. An energy crisis is looming large in upcoming years. There is an expected short fall up to fifty percent because of increase in demand and supply gas up to 3,000 MW. Pakistan’s total energy requirement would increase by 48% to 80 million tons of oil equivalent in 2010. Kala Bagh Dam:

Kala bagh dam has been announced in 1984 by interaction of world bank Capacity of water store is 8 million acre ft
Kala bagh dam will be provide 3600 mega watt electricity
Cost accurse on construction of kala bagh dam is 8 billion dollar Kala bagh dam will be recover its cost within 5 year
Pakistan has spent 1 billion rupee on it
Kala bagh dam can construct within 5 year
Kala bagh dam will increase 15% income of Pakistan.

Pakistan is highly dependent on agriculture, which in turn is dependent on water. Of the79.6 million...
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