Pakistan in the 21st Century

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Pakistan in the 21st Century: Vision 2030

Executive Summary
1. Introduction
A Vision is like a dream but which is experienced with both eyes open and With one’s feet on the ground. The Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) 2005-10 launched by the Government in July 2005 presented the Vision of a “developed, industrialized, just and prosperous Pakistan through Rapid and sustainable development, in a resource constrained economy by Deploying knowledge inputs”. Vision 2030 extends that dream further and Higher in terms of space and time.

The draft document of Vision 2030 has been prepared, after a consultative Process spread over two years. It presents a strategic framework for Overcoming obstacles and challenges standing in the way of the preferred Future chosen by the people of Pakistan.

We aim to achieve the stated Vision within a generation, in a manner that Sustains a high quality of life and provides an equal opportunity to its citizens To reach their true potential. We plan to meet contemporary and future Challenges by deploying knowledge inputs and developing human capital. This, we believe, is the substance of the Vision in our mind. The Vision document necessarily combines idealism with a sense of the possible. Its goals reflect the aspirations and potential of our people in the Context of a fast-changing world. The Vision 2030 exercise considers a range Of futures with concomitant strategic alignments. Yet the underlying theme is To embrace needed transformation and to create new opportunities based on Our innate strengths. This is the basic theme of Vision 2030. Growing at a rate of around 7-8 percent per annum Pakistan expects to join The ranks of middle-income countries, with a GDP of around US $ 4,000 by 2030. This high growth rate would be sustained through developing its Human resources, and by developing the necessary physical and technological Infrastructure.

The citizen shall have greater access to quality education, as well as basic Amenities like health, water and sanitation. Freedom of enterprise and Enlarged opportunities will transform the lives of the majority but the benefit Of social protection will provide sufficient cushion to the most vulnerable. Vision 2030 acknowledges the forces of globalization and dispersion of Information and technology, which are likely to dramatically change the scale And character of human enterprise. By 2030 human lives, workplaces, Education, skills, trade and competition would stand transformed. We are Determined to manage these global forces of change to our advantage. We intend to make a mark in the various fields of knowledge which can add Value to our endeavors. What is posited is a quest for excellence, so that Pakistan can redefine and transform its institutions and structures as well as National policies, priorities and goals. We need to convert knowledge into a Socio-economic enterprise. It should transform the market place, the quality of its processes and products and the productivity of our human resource. The acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and the quest for excellence will be the driving force of our future destiny. Our vision is demanding and simple at the same time; we aim to transform ourselves into a state, society and economy dedicated to the generation of knowledge, the harnessing of technology and the practice of compassion. In making this transformation, we will continue to nurture the roots of our culture and remain uniquely Pakistani. We aim to make Pakistan and Progress synonymous with each other.

1.1 The Consensus
There is a remarkable consensus among the stakeholders about the future of Pakistan.
There is national consensus on the following fundamentals:
i. To build a nation whose development is measured by economic growth as well the quality of life enjoyed by its people;
ii. To evolve into a tolerant, and productive society, which is at peace with itself and with the rest of the world, within a
framework of...
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