Pakistan Earthquake

Topics: Earthquake, Water, Kashmir Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: April 19, 2014
Geography- Pakistan’s Earthquake on 2005

The most unfortunate disaster happened in Pakistan on 8th October 2005 and was thought to be the strongest ever to hit the region in a century; a magnitude of 7.6 devastating earthquake occurred in the Himalayan region of northern Pakistan and Kashmir, moreover there was a 24 hours of aftershock, resulting a huge amount of damaged area across northern of Pakistan and border areas of India; buildings are flattened; the sights of massive triggering landslides. Firstly, it was said in the BBC that about 73 000 people found dead whilst more than 69 000 injured causing an extensive damage in the northern Pakistan. Furthermore, it was estimated that approximately 780 000 buildings were either collapsed or damage beyond repair leading to 3 million people without home, however fortunately the aid convoys provide tents for those poor people. Notice that it happened during the end of the year meaning that winter is coming soon therefore there’s a probability of an increase of hyperthermia after the first snow falls. Meanwhile UNICEF has said that out of those buildings, approximately 17 000 of those are school buildings. School serve a wide variety of purposes; most importantly is to get educated because it is highly important in getting a good job and creating a good life for oneself. When lessons are stopped, those children left with fewer skills and some didn’t even get a chance to attend schools. Above all, travel in a mountainous is particularly difficult however landslides just made it impossible to reach their destination. On the CNN, massive landslides were the feature of this event due to the roadblocks and the detour of 60 miles that the aid convoys have to face. As a result, everything was delayed as well as medical supplies therefore casualties get worse. Following that is the supplies of food and water the most important things for us to, during the earthquakes water pipes bursts leaving dirty drinking water, this...
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