Pakistan's Sports Industry

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"A country is said economically fit when its exports are greater than imports"

At the time of its creation Pakistan was not at all in competition with the world market. Its economy was nill. There were hardly any exports and every thing, even of daily use, was imported. But since then, it kept on improving its economic condition. Slowly and gradually Pakistan started to export home made items to other countries. Pakistan is a God gifted country. It enjoys all four weathers of nature, which is very uncommon. That is the reason, Pakistan is self-sufficient in agriculture and it is also the major export of Pakistan. In fact, it is said that:

"Pakistan is an agriculture based country".

Besides agriculture, there are some other exports as well. For instance, wheat, cotton, grain, maize, etc. but the sector which we have discussed in this report is sports sector. It is said and also accepted through out the world that:

"Pakistan is a giant exporter of sports goods".

Most of the well-known sports companies like, Adidas, Nike, etc. get sports equipment prepared in Pakistan. In Pakistan, Sialkot is the sports industrial hub. About 99% of sports goods, exported by Pakistan, are prepared in Sialkot. Goods that are prepared and exported by Pakistan include, cricket balls, bats, cricket kits, baseball equipment, and importantly footballs. In sports sector, we will further discuss the making of footballs in Pakistan and issues related to them.

Pakistan, once, was one of the biggest exporter of footballs. Even, Pakistan supplied footballs for FIFA world cup as well. But now, its demand in the world market has declined. It is due to several reasons. Major reason for this decline is that a great percentage of child labor is involved in making footballs manually, through hands and multi-national companies are greatly against child labor. Due to this, Pakistan also had some issues with NIKE. They banned their production of footballs because of...

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