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The efforts rendered by the sufis in propagation of islam in the sub continent are unforgettable, innumerable and splendid. The spread of islam in the sub continent owes much to the efforts, exertions and the personal examples of the muslim saints and sufis who made concerted and diligent efforts to reach out to the amasses and sensitize them about the teachings of the islam. Most of these muslim saints migrated to india b/w the time span of eleventh and fourteenth century and devoted their lives for the cause of islam sufis made islam popular in indian sub continent . A large number of non muslims were impressed by the simple teachings, lofty character and fair treatment of the sufis and enterd in the fold of islam

The Origin of sufi various suggestions have been made as to the origin of the word sufi. One conjecture is that the word is derived from (suf) the name of distinctive woolen robe worn by the early sufis. Yet another suggestion is that the word sufi is derived from (safa) meaning purity in arabic . Sufis were religious guides who aim for closer union with God.

Sufis and their contribution towards the spread of islam in the sub continent. . . .

The message of islam was spread across the length and breadth of the indian sub continent by the islamic mystics. All the work of teaching creating goodwill of educating people in the simple and direct message of islam was done by muslim divines like Data Ganj Baksh of lahore, Khwaja Moinuddin of Ajmer, Khwaja Bakhtiyar kaki, Delhi, Baba Farid of Pakpattan, Sheikh Bahaudin Zakriya of Multan. Makhdoom Jahania Jangasgt of bahawalpur, Sheikh Nazim udin of Delhi,

The Sufis Taught

Simple faith
The mercy of God
The pleasures of honest dealing
Fellow of feeling
The nearness of God
The power of prayer
The beauties of faith
The duties and responsibilities of men in respect to other men

The Sufi Orders or Silsilas

The number of orders given by abul fazal in his(Ain Akbri) is fourteen. The

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