Paired Questioning

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Paired Questioning
Steps for Teaching
(as taken from McLaughlin 2010)

Explain: Begin by explaining self questioning as a reading comprehension strategy in which we generate questions to guide thinking. Then explain that Paired Questions involves students taking turns in generating text related questions and responding to them. When the students have finished generating and responding to questions while reading segments of the text, one partner summarizes the important ideas in the text and the other agrees or disagrees and justifies his or her thinking. Notes:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Demonstrate: Arrange in advance to have a student volunteer to be your partner during the demonstration. Introduce the text and demonstrate how you and your partner read the title or subtitle of a section of text, set the text aside, and then response to the questions each of you generate. Remind students that asking questions about the title or subtitle helps readers set purposes for reading. Notes:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Guide: Invite students to work with a partner and new section of text to engage in Paired Questioning first with subtitle and then with section of text. Encourage discussions....
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