Pair of silk stockings

Topics: A Story, Feeling Pages: 3 (1744 words) Published: November 2, 2014
A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin is a story most single mothers can relate to. The struggle between doing what is needed, what is right for the family or giving into their own wants and desires for a day or two. In this story, Mrs. Summors is a poor mother that comes into fifteen dollars and she contemplates for two days on how to spend this money because she wants to make the most of this money. The story displays a theme of struggle between necessity and desires. She talks about buying her children new shoes, hats, stockings, and yards of fabric so she can patch up some of her childrens clothes (p.1). She spends time really thinking about how she should spend this money as she does not want to act to hastily. This money is a lot of money to her but at the same time would not last long and is not enough to change her life. It is enough money to get some necessities if spent wisely. When she sets out for the day, to the stores with intentions of buying essentials for her children, she ends up giving into her temptation to fulfill her own desires. She bought a pair of silk stockings which made her feel important and a little liberated. Once she freed herself from her responsibilities, she allowed herself to indulge further into her desires. She then went on and bought a pair of boots, a pair of fitted gloves, two magazines, splurged on a nice meal at a fancy restaurant and ended her day with a show. When she is purchasing the gloves she thinks about all the other items she could be spending the money on but that does not stop her from continuing on her little shopping spree (p. 1). The silk stockings represented her past, her better days (p. 1). The narrator states that Mrs. Sommers looks at the silk stockings as if she was looking at a pair of diamonds (p.1). They were a pair of socks but of the highest of quality. The narrator states that Mrs. Sommers thought of the silk stockings as luxurious things (p.1). She wasted no time and hurried to put them...

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