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Name: - Devyani Shirke
Elective: - Broadcast

The Mobile Ecosystem service takes a holistic view of the “mobile industry ecosystem:- examines how events in the individual business segments impact the evolution of the “mobile” industryand leverages deep base of existing CA mobility analysis

Media buyers’ under investment in mobile is a missed opportunity for publishers. But you don’t have to sit idly and wait for the mobile ad market to develop in full. There are other ways for publishers to monetize their mobile content, particularly their tablet and smartphone apps. Here are five that are gaining traction. Custom apps

As publishers extend their business models into marketing services, they’re getting more involved in mobile-specific services. A few are beginning to dabble in custom development of branded apps for their advertising clients. B2B tech publisher IDG, for example, includes app development in the suite of mobile marketing services it launched last year under the Mobile@IDG service line. One early project involved a custom app for Juniper Networks that packages news feeds, technology tips and Juniper marketing collateral. Mobile app development is part of Mobile@IDG’s emphasis on monetizing higher-value, custom media opportunities through services such as mobile ad units, mobile landing pages, mobile websites and apps. “We set high growth rates for the [mobile] business and today we are in line with those expectations,” Matthew Yorke, president IDG Global Solutions, said in an email. “The metrics are strong and we see big services opportunities specific to mobile.” Longer term, the company sees more potential in HTML5 development for clients than device-specific apps, Yorke added.

Utility apps
Publishers are also exploring utility apps as a way to engage with tablet and smartphone users beyond the digital editions of their magazines or newspapers. There are plenty of examples in the consumer space, ranging from...
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