Painting Review: Curry's Tornado Over Kansas, Roesen's Still Life, and the View of Venice

Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: September 24, 2011
Art 199 Art Museum Paper
The first painting is Tornado Over Kansas by John Steuart Curry. It is an American painting done in 1929. It was created using oil on canvas. In the picture you see a family consisting a mother, father, two young boys, a baby in the mother’s arms, and a young girl along with various animals that they are attempting to herd into the cellar. The younger of the two boys is carrying a black cat, the older boy is carrying several puppies and the young girl is dragging the dog while being led by her father’s hand. In the distance you can see a few horses running around in panic because of the approaching tornado. In the background there is a large funnel cloud that is approaching. There are no other houses or buildings in the background, other than two different barns that are also a part of their farm. The father is obviously in charge of the situation. You can tell because he is leading the children to the entrance to the cellar and the mother, who is already at the entrance, is looking back at him.

The second painting is a still life painting by the artist Severin Roesen, who is believed to be born in Germany but became famous in America. He is known for his still life paintings. The piece located at the Muskegon Museum of Art is a small arrangement of fruit on a table. The background is a plain grey color and the table that the fruit is all sitting on is a dark greyish black marble one. In the center of the picture is the display of fruit. The arrangement of fruit appears to have a light shone on it, causing it to stand out even more against the dark table and background. There are both white and black grapes, peaches, a pear, two plumbs, some small red berries and some leaves on a stem that I am assuming are part of a grape vine. Some of the leaves are completely green, others are like those in the fall that are on their way from green to red. Every color is present in the picture is present. White grapes, the red berries and the...
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