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Product Market Analysis
Paint Industry in India

SMP-09 Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
Group Assignment

Meera Nagaraju, Indira Muppanna, Kailash Jayaswal, Manikandan A.S., Chetan Iyer, Rohit Gupta


2.Current Market Size and Key Market Trends4
2.1.Steady Economic Growth5
2.2.Favorable Demographic Profile7
2.3.Relatively Low Penetration Levels7
2.4.Favorable Demand from Tier II/III Towns and Rural Areas8
3.Segmentation of the Market8
3.1.By Types of Paints9
3.2.By Price Brand10
3.3.By Product Usage12
3.4.By Ownership Type12
3.5.By Market share13
3.6.By Decorative segment14
3.7.By Industrial Segment14
3.8.By Asian paint's segment14
4.Consumer Behavior16
4.1.Factors that influence buying behavior17
4.2.Brand Name17
4.3.Various choices of colors17
4.4.Eco-friendly Considerations that Impact Paint Buyer's behavior18
4.5.Ease of availability of paint stores or service19
4.6.Problems with consumer buying behavior20
5.Positioning of Painting Brands22
5.1.Asian Paints position22
5.2.Kansai Nerolac position22
5.3.Berger paints position23
5.4.Akzo Nobel Paints position23
5.5.Shalimar Paints position23
5.6.Dulux Paints position23
6.Key Advertising and Promotion Campaigns24
6.1.Asian paints : Every Color Tells a Story24
6.2.Nerolac Campaign:26
6.3.Berger Campaign26
6.4.Shalimar Campaign27
6.5.Dulux Campaign27
7.Marketing Strategies of Asian Paints28
7.1.1.Growth Strategy28
7.1.2.Brand Positioning31
7.2.Marketing Strategies of Shalimar Paints32
7.2.1.Growth Strategy33
7.2.2.Brand Positioning35
8. History of Asian Paints35
9. References38

The following document analyses the Indian Market industry from a product market perspective focusing on Asian Paints. Indian paint industry is in the sweet spot. Rising income and aspiration levels of young demography along with changing lifestyle has catapulted the demand for both repainting and fresh paints. Despite slowdown in FY09, paint industry reported robust double digit growth in last two years on back of higher demand. Robust construction activities on back of higher housing demand has further boosted the growth of paint industry. The share of fresh paints in total demand has increased significantly in last decade on back of increasing urbanization and higher demand for housing. The fresh demand for paints is expected to remain strong in many years to come. Demand in rural areas witnessed strong upsurge with rising income levels backed by increasing employment opportunities and government focus on rural prosperity. Higher growth in rural areas and tremendous scope of increasing penetration strengthen our belief of sustainability of long term growth of the industry. Attracted by strong potential, foreign players like Nippon paints, Jotun paints, National Paints and Sherwin Williams to name a few have set their bases in India to share the growth pie of Indian paint industry. However, to gain any significant presence in the industry would require strong distribution network and brand recognition which act as a strong entry barrier for new players. On back of aforementioned reasons, we believe Indian paint industry to benefit significantly from high domestic consumption demand. Current Market Size and Key Market Trends

India’s strong economic growth has propelled the paint industry to double-digit growth over the past few years and has made it Asia Pacific’s fastest growing paint market. Due to increased Government funding for infrastructure, demand for paints both in industrial and decorative segment is set to rise, thereby rendering Indian paint industry to be poised for further growth. Despite fast growth and rise of income, India’s per capita paint consumption is still...
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