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Pain Poem

By timothytan96 Aug 24, 2013 416 Words

Innocent plumule out of the lonely seed,
Illusion of darkness was seen,
Things seen were absorbed,
Sun, water, air what happened?

Fell in a tunnel,
Lights were not yet seen,
Faith slowly became weak,
Fallings, please stop!

Dodge, defence and attack like a boxer,
Easy start yet harder comes,
Not a single blink of an eye,
Be firm and don’t loosen up a single muscle!

Fill with all bright colours,
Four bright colours over one dark colour,
Darkness was unseen yet brightness was clearly seen,
This is what the world is supposed to be!

Walking on a dark street,
Rusted street light still working,
Street light can’t yet street lights can,
Street is dark no more but now bright.

Summary Answer
Pain, right at this moment honestly I can’t think of anything that makes me feel pain. I don’t think I have been through the deep pain that people can’t get rid of, but there is one thing that makes me feel pain and that is when see others in pain and to see this beautiful world suffering with so many kinds of things. So basically based on this poem I wrote about what pain I faced and what I think I can do and what others can do to give solutions for this pain. This is a very short summary of the poem I wrote……In today’s world, It has changed so badly and it’s obvious. An innocent child will receive things that the world is doing and it will ruin their innocent mind. Life will get harder and harder and it is so dark and tough to achieve what you want to achieve, you fail so many times and it will just make you give up easily. If your life is so dark by doing so many bad things, do more good things and it definitely will cover up all the bad things and it will also cover up all the bad memories that you had. And so now, you will definitely find your life different and continue moving forward in your life. One person definitely can’t light up the whole world; we can’t be so selfish and wait for others to be the light of the world and of other people. It must start from us. We can’t just sit in our comfort zone by watching what happened; we must really do something and give other people the light they need to make the world a better place to live in.

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