Pain Killers

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Pain Killers

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Even though people do not believe they are addicted, painkillers are addicting because painkillers that are being misused are deadly and they are a hard habit to break. Many people are using and abusing painkillers which are prescription drugs and some may say that they are not and will not admit it. The effects of prescription abuse are painfully obvious and needed at the same time.

Having a habit can lead to painkillers being addicted and when they are being misused there can be a drug overdose and be fatal. People use narcotics to obtain other effects since small doses tend to make the user forget his or her troubles and experience pleasant sensations, but dependence on narcotics can be fatal. ( improperly used narcotics are a hazardarous to the health of the user because such drugs cause a person to become addicted or habituated. Narcotics can be obtained legally only with a prescription for medicine or with a license for manufacture of medicines. We have to be aware of the different types of narcotics that can be used or mixed to get high. When using drugs it can lead to all types of other problems. Some drugs that contain narcotics can become additive especially if they are used in a manner inconsistent with their directions or for reasons they were not prescribed. The different types of painkillers are Percocet, Vicodin, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Methadone, OxyContin, and Lortab. There is the Duragesic Skin Patch which is call the Fentanyl drug is on the rise in prescription drug addictions. All of the drugs listed can cause overdose deaths. The problems caused by painkillers are vomiting, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, drowsiness, weakness, itching, and confusion and more serious is respiratory depression that slows the rate of breathing, coma brain damage and death.

How and when can you tell someone may be abusing the pain medicine? Talking about preventing the drug problem would be a great start. Let’s have an open relation with the child and adult, and then discuss the possibilities of danger dealing with the drugs and how it can lead to other devastating problems. Let them know that the influences are out there and it can be very hard because everyone around them can be doing whatever, however it is not right and to be a leader not a follower. People use pain relievers for numerous of reasons and the first is to be because an individual is in pain. While it may not be the first reason that people take such painkillers, most notice that while they are under the influence of these drugs, they are distance from their emotional pain. Painful emotions are apart of everyday life for all of us but often we can manage these feelings on our own or with professional, such as counseling. However, people in physical pain have often suffered emotional trauma (from an accident of illness for example) and are more vulnerable to the attractions of a pill that “makes it all go away.” (Hartley 2009) Overtime people come to depend on their prescription painkillers to manage their negative emotions. (Hartley 2009) Now to knowing how and when someone is abusing drugs, pay attention to see if they are faking an injury, be suspicious if you see unusual changes in their personality, of observe strange behavior. Read and check to see if the prescription is habit forming or not. Check to if the prescription is hidden or stored in a safe place. Prescriptions are to be put up however not stored in a secret hiding place. What to do when it is confirmed that someone is addicted, try to offer support and help. Find a local support group they could attend. Do not pressure them, they will turn and run. They will say they are not addicted and deny it. Showing love can help a person overcome quickly. The most important reason painkillers can be deadly is because your body can not take too much of the narcotics. Our bodies can only take so...

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