Paglilitis Ni Mang Serapio

Topics: Truth, Begging, Member of Parliament Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Serapio is a member of a federation of beggars. The Federation serves to collect all the alms gathered by its members and distribute an equal percentage to them and also a percentage to the founder. It all started when two prostitutes, both members of the federation reported to their founder that Serapio has a daughter. Both prostitutes served as witnesses that Serapio has been giving most his earnings from begging to his daughter instead of giving all 100% to their federation. And that was when the federation invited all its members to trial to unveil the truth that Serapio is in fact cheating to the federation by raising a child. Mang Serapio told the court that the evidence was not enough because they only heard him but not actually saw him nursing a child. The witnesses instead made a suggestion of bringing Mang Serapio’s chest box. They suspected that something is hidden there which would serve as their hard evidence. Much to their surprise they have found a dirty doll. The dirty doll was an epitome of Mang Serapio’s daughter. He spends time on taking care of the doll as if it was his daughter. Also it underlies a reminder of a place of happiness and hope in life despite of his absurdities. Mang Serapio was proven not guilty. Also, the federation wanted to remove the buoyancy of its members and rather let them see their life as hopeless aand where their lives are only dependent on the Federation. As a capital punishment, Mang Serapio’s eye balls were removed from a bloody and unclean surgery because they believed that the more people see him as pitiful as he can be they would give him more alms which would means more money for the federation.
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