Paggamit Ng Datos

Topics: Agriculture, Fertilizer, Lactobacillus casei Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Vegetable demand in the Philippines is met by products coming from different islands widely in Luzon. Vegetables are marketed in the country by institutional users like restaurants, government, and schools. In particular, vegetable production suffers further pressure to produce immediately in the market because vegetables are easily-spoiled. Farmers tend to sell cheaply, and some with low quality, just to produce faster to reach the demand of the wholesalers. Today, the country faces extremely high cost for food especially in vegetables. To satisfy hunger, cultivation of crops was discovered as a better way to secure food of a family. However, crop improvement has resulted to cultivation of crops that perform well even under hot climate of tropical areas which are typical for most cities in the Philippines. The challenge to find alternatives and practical ways of growing crops is pursued because of the rapid urbanization rate of the country that leads to minimal space for growing crops. It is also noticeable that the vegetables bought in the markets are seldom available as fresh because they are grown in very distant places. Since vegetables are greatly demanded in the country, it motivates the researchers to find a material which is a possible growth booster to a locally available crop. The researchers come up with the idea of using pechay as the subject of the research. A material which is normally available in the marketplace like Lactobacillus casei contained in Yakult is used in this research to see if it is a probable growth booster. Since it is organic, it can also be considered as soil enhancer. This kind of system helps in minimizing the use inorganic fertilizers. The researchers believed that with the use of this study, the practice of organic fertilizers may also be flourished.

Statement of the Problems
This study focused on finding out the possibility of boosting the growth of pechay with the use of Lactobacillus casei....
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