Pagan Ritual Versus Catholic and Christian Beliefs

Topics: Christianity, God, Paganism Pages: 4 (1626 words) Published: September 20, 2010
Pagan ritual versus Catholic and Christian beliefs
Do Catholic and Christian beliefs and holidays have Pagan roots? Pope Gregory 1st said, "Converting heathens is easier if they are allowed to retain the outward forms of their traditional Pagan practices and traditions, while recasting those traditions spiritually towards the one true God instead of to their Pagan devils."(Pagan timeline Google para6) Three of eight major Pagan holidays were converted to Christian and Catholic holidays when Christianity spread through Europe. There are many reasons this was done, one was to ensure that the Pagan worshipers would convert to Christianity. They converted the holidays to show the Pagans that they too celebrated what they celebrated and were not all bad. Many of the Pagan Gods followed and were canonized into Saints so that many of the Pagan converts would have names and faces they recognized to worship. This essay will break down the three major Pagan holidays and compare them to the Christian counter parts. Then it will show the similarities between two Pagan Gods and two Catholic Saints. Pagan, Christian, and Catholic holidays

Starting on the Pagan calendar Samhain is the first holiday and celebrated on October 31st. This holiday celebrates the final harvest of the year when all things die. Samhain is related with death and the tales tell of the spirits of the dead coming back to visit. Customs were to set out small feasts for dead loved ones made of small cakes and wine, carving squash and turnips with symbols to ward off the evil spirits and let the good spirits know that they were welcome to visit. Christians converted this holiday into All Hollows Eve or Halloween; in later years it was associated with carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, playing pranks, and dressing up as ghouls and goblins. Catholics in the Ninth Century often wondered from house to house asking for soul cakes, because the day after All Hollows Eve was known as All Soul Day. Upon...
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