Padre Pio

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Sarveen Shafiyan-RadNovember 4th, 2013

Padre Pio
Padre Pio was born on May 25, 1887 in Pietrelcina, Italy. Padre died on September 23rd, 1968. His parents were Grazio Mario Forgione and Maria Guiseppa de Nunzio Forgione. Padre was baptized the day after he was born at Santa Anna Chapel. He was baptized under the name of his brother Francesco who died when he was an infant. He had one older brother, Michele and three younger sisters, Felicita, Pellegrina, and Grazia. Padre Pio is a patron saint of civil defense volunteers. Francessco (Padre Pio) lived in a very religious town which held many celebrations to tribute and respect particular saints. Religion was the center of life for the Forgione family. They participated in many religious events such as Daily Mass, fasting, and praying the Rosary. Although his parents could not read or write they memorized Sacred Scriptures in the Bible. When Padre was five years old he sanctified himself to Jesus. He liked to sing hymns and be alone when he read or prayed the Bible. When Padre was older he states that he had talked to Jesus, Madonna, and his Guardian Angel and he had suffered attacks from the devil. Padre was confirmed on September 27, 1899. He took the order of priesthood under the name of Fra Pio on January 22, 1904. After three long years of training he took his final vows in 1907. He finally became a priest on August 10, 1901. Within a month of ordination Padre was praying in the Piana Romana, and Jesus and Mary appeared to him and gave him the wounds of Christ.

I can learn from Padre because of his dedication to Christ. He truly was a very considerate man. I can learn from his patience especially when he was training to be a priest and every step of the way he was talking to Jesus. I found it interesting how Padre dedicated himself to Jesus at such a young age. It is really challenging to be only five years old and making a really big decision that can alter your life. He showed me how to love...
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