Padini Report

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Before this new system have been implement, we are aware of the risks of this system and the effect of it to the organization. However,we also need to come up with the recommendations of reducing the risks. The risk that we have to deal when implement this system is high maintenance cost. As we all know, to implement something new, it really costing so much money. In this case, the company need to train the employees about the new system and this involved high cost. Next, the risk of introducing this new system is it will effect the acceptance of loyal or recent customers to the system. Some may be have positive reaction about this new system but some may not. Sometimes customers do not understand enough about the new system and may cost some misunderstanding or confusion about the new terms. To reduce this risks, some recommendations need to be apply. First, the company need to have effective budget planning to overcome the high maintenance cost. The accounting department need to focus on this budget planning. To reduce the other risk, that is the acceptance of the customers about this new system, we need to inform the customers about the new system at least one month before the system implemented. We also need to explain this new system to the customers with details to avoid misunderstanding and confusion about the current system and the new system and also give the customers time to know the new system first.

Padini is mainly an integrated operation that controls its products from concept stage to manufacturing, merchandising and image marketing. The Padini Concept Store is a concept which houses all Padini Holdings brands under one roof or “one-stop-shopping”. They sells both men's and ladies’ shoes and accessories, garments, ancillary products, children’s garments, maternity wear and accessories through various subsidiaries. Padini like other companies are using customer relationship management (CRM) to manage their interactions with current and future customers. System that Padini used from CRM are customer service which they are using communication tools to manage and help customers request and solve their issues. Other than that Padini used sales force automation system to help sales staff to focus sales efforts on profitable customers. And, Padini also used customer lifetime value system to estimate profit or loss from ongoing relationship with customer. Good customer relationships are the heart of business success. Padini bringing together lots of pieces of information about customers and market trends so they can sell and market their products and services more effectively.

1) Personal Database
This is the application that the Padini Company start to use in 2001. They implement this application to make sure the company can get a information about their customers. From this application database the company also can maintain their relation with their customers. They also can get more income from this application. This is the best way and the simple way to attain the customers loyalty. This system have so many data about their customers. And sometime the data that the customers give to the company is not reliable. This happen because, sometimes the customers just fill the space with uncorrect data because the time limitation. Customers want an easy and simple registration from to make sure they can fill it with correct information. This is important because when we want to make a relay with the customers with have to make sure the customers suitable with the company. The main problem when they enter the registration form is the customers do not have any personal code. This will lead to the dlupliction information with others customers. The effect is sometime different customers get a different promotion product from the company. This will reduce the customers loyalty. To solve this problem I thinks the company can have give the customers...
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