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1. Padini Concept Store

Padini Concept Store is a company that involved with the clothes, accessories, shoes and garment selling. Padini Concept store have many multi type of brand such as Vincci, Padini(PDI), Padini Authentics, Miki, Seed and P&Co. The concept of this store is where all the brand name will be in the same shop of Padini concept store with having their own section with their own brand name. It can be called as like under one roof.

In the domestic market, all the products are sold through numerous retail store and some franchises store. Klang Valley will be the place where all the Padini concept stores are effectively evolve since there is a lot of mall are being open in the Klang Valley. Even there is a newcomer in this business, Padini still can keep maintain and survive their business because Padini have a strong impact on the retail operations. As we all know that Malaysian has many shopping malls and mostly of the shopping mall will have the Padini concept store. This is show that all Padini products are easily to get since it available in the Malaysian shopping mall. For example, there is 14 Vincci store and 1 PDI store that operated and run by the franchisees.

As for the market abroad, Padini mostly sold their products through the retails store managed by the licensee and dealers. Padini concept has 12 dealers store in Thailand. Even though Thailand have many dealer store but management has revealed that Padini business in that country are not good as compared to Malaysia. This is shows that not all the country will accept and like to buy Padini products. The concepts of dealership structure instead of franchise are not practicable because its make the sales in Thailand are lagging behind as compared to the export sales to other countries. This show that Malaysia has a strongest retail network as compared to many other international brand that only presence in first-tier cities.

Pertaining to the economic review, Padini in the domestic market has achieved RM 516.07 Million of revenue and this is due to the many outlets of Padini in Malaysia. All the Padini products has its own specialty that can attract the consumers to keep buying beside Padini having a lot of brand under it store and have a lot of branches. Moreover, it makes customers easily to get their products and in the same time, it can increase the Padini sales. Padini was first listed on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia in 1998 and was transferred to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia on 2004 as the company grow bigger and has achieve the increase profit from year to year.

As compared to the market abroad, Padini accounted for RM 52.4 Million of revenue for the export operation. It cannot achieve the high sales because of the acceptation Padini product at overseas. As mention earlier like in Thailand, they need to sell at the lower price to their dealers in Thailand and this is one of the reasons that contribute to the low achievement of ales revenue in the global. Due to this problem, Padini have negotiated with the FJ Benjamin to collaborate in order to expand their business in the Indonesian. FJ Benjamin is a industry leaders in fashion brands building, development of retailer and distribution network for international luxury brand across asian. The collaboration with FJ Benjamin can help Padini to thrive at international.

2. Far East Holdings Berhad

The principal activities of the company are cultivation of oil palms, productions and sales of fresh fruit bunches, crude palm oil and palm kernel and investment holding. This company is focusing on the plantation that consists of oil palm plantations and palm oil mill. Far East Holding Bhd is one of the smaller size plantation companies in Malaysia and still not penetrated the global market.

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