Packaging Quiz Sample

Topics: Glass, Bottle, Melting point Pages: 4 (862 words) Published: November 2, 2011
1. Packaging systems for frozen foods generally are designed to provide sufficient protection against changes in temperature that might result in melting of the product. B) False
2. Getting the potential customer to buy the product is an important function of modern retail packaging. [A) True
3. Many package features serve multiple functions at the same time. A) True
4. A package must be made of a single type of material.
B) False
Feedback: Many packages are made of multiple materials. For example: High quality Cling Peaches can be purchased in glass jars with metal caps. 5. Some foods can be harmed by ordinary light.
A) True
Feedback: Butter and beer are examples
6. The utility function of packaging means those package features that improve the usefulness of the product for individual consumers. A) True
Feedback: Utility may also be provided for others along the supply chain, for example retailers. 7. The communication function of a package is, by definition, all the printed messages on the package B) False

Feedback: Communication can also include features such as shape, color, etc. 8. Keeping the Cheerios together in one place is an example of the containment function of packaging. A) True
9. An easy-open end on a soup can is an example of the protection function of packaging. B) False
10. A bottle for shampoo is an example of a primary package. A) True
11. Stretch wrap for a palletload of cases of soup cans is an example of a secondary package. B) False
12. Plastic strapping on a pallet-load of boxes is an example of a tertiary package. A) True
13. The Packaging Building contains several laboratories.
A) True
14. Michigan State has the largest packaging education program in the U.S. A) True
15. Students who major in packaging must take both science and business courses. A) True
B) False
16. What is the primary reason that oranges are sometimes packaged in "egg carton trays" with formed plastic liners that have a hole or cavity for...
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