Packaging and Labeling of Coca Cola

Topics: Coca-Cola, Soft drink, Marketing Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: August 18, 2010
Discuss packaging and labeling decision for any product of your choice PACKAGING AND LABELING DECISION FOR COCO COLA
At present Coca Cola is the market leader in soft drink industry. There are various factor which have contributed to the growth of Coca Cola. Packaging & Labeling are such factors. Packaging of Coca Cola as marketing tool

SELF SERVICE : An increasing number of the product are sold on a self service basis. The effective package must perform many of the sales tasks: a) Attract attention
b) Described product features
c) Create consumer confidence
d) Make a favorable overall impression
CONSUMER AFFULENCE : Rising consumer affluence for Coca Cola is making the consumers pay a little more for the convenience, appearance, dependability and prestige of better packages. COMPANY AND BRAND IMAGE : Packaging of Coca Cola contribute to the instant recognition of the company or brand. INNOVATION OPPORTUNITY : Innovative packaging of Coca Cola has brought large benefits to consumers and profits to producers. Packaging of Coca Cola is achieving a number objectives.

1) Identifies the brand
2) It conveys descriptive and persuasive information
3) It facilitates product transportation & protection 4) Assist at home storage
5) Aid product consumption
To achieve the marketing objectives for the brand and satisfy the desires of consumers, marketers must choose the aesthetic and functional component of packaging correctly. Aesthetic considerations relate to a packages size and shape, material, color, text and graphics. For example Coca Cola are available in bottles of different sizes ( 200 ML, 300 ML, 500 ML, 2 Litre Bottle). They are also available in different shapes, materials ( Plastic, Tin & Glass ) etc. Functionally structural design is crucial. For example Coca Cola bottles are easy to hold and easy to open.

After the Coca Cola packaging are designed it must be tested. Engineering tests...
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