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The concept of product packaging along with design represents an understanding that to market one’s item to consumers entails an understanding that they have choices and the core idea in implementing the preceding represents swaying that choice to one’s particular brand. Product packaging, in terms of human history and civilization, is a relatively new concept in that the early tribal and village cultures caught and consumed food where it was located, moving frequently to avail themselves of game and growing produce (Berger, 2002). The self contained and self sufficiency nature of this type of existence created little need to store, transport or package items as they were consumed almost instantly. Containers of that period consisted of leaves, shells and gourds which later gave way to materials that were of natural origin, such as animal organs, containers made of woven grasses and logs that were hollowed (Berger, 2002). As humankind progressed, gathered into larger villages and what could be termed towns the increased nature of commerce included foodstuffs as an item of trade. Trading marts sold not only woven materials and fashioned implements, but were a location where hunters and farmers brought items to market to be sold.The earliest example of pottery and earthen containers has been traced back to the Paleolithic period around the 11th millennium where samples were found in the Japanese islands (Wikipedia, 2005). The initial uses with respect to food and other products was the mass or volume storage of grains, jewels, and weapons such as arrows and other items, with this evolving into farmers and merchants devising means to measure amounts and weigh items to sell to buyers and purchasers on an equal basis. The development of a uniform size for varied containers which held differing amounts provided a quick and consistent measurement via which merchants could relatively quickly dispense varied amounts in uniform measurements and as commerce grew, crude packaging was utilized to (Berger, 2002)

Hold specific amounts of products that helped to define the size or amount that would be purchased by consumers. Protect products from being contaminated as well as from varied forms of environmental damages such as rain, dust, etc. and to help to limit or prevent theft. Aid in the transport of products as well as storage and movement. And later to provide a means of identification which evolved into the utilization of designs and markings that made attractive display additions. 1.1 Types of Packaging

There are varied types of packaging which have been employed through the ages as the innovations and discoveries in other fields impacted upon this area. As a result packaging categories can be divided into the following segments:

This is comprised of material that easily bends and conforms to the contents, and in the case of modern packaging consists of containers that hold sugar, potato chips and the varied packages that we utilize to put items into for carting home from the market. The utilization of cloth, leaves and woven grasses falls into this category and represents some of the earliest forms of packaging utilization. Flexible packaging is termed “source-reduced”, which means that it adds and or has the least amount of material when compared with other packaging types that could be utilized, thus adding minimal weight (Integrated Waste Management Board, 2005). The advantage is also that flexible packaging is easily discarded after use.

Flexible packaging use on a commercially wide scale basis has been traced back to the Chinese in the first or second century BC, who utilized sheets of mulberry bark that was treated as a wrapping for foods (Logan City Council, 2005). The Chinese refined and further developed packaging techniques in the ensuing centuries as a result of innovations in the art of making paper and as the knowledge of papermaking spread across continents as a result of exploration and trade,...
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