Pacific Regional Conference

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Pacific Region Conference (PRC) Registration Packet


PRC is packed from start to finish from the day you walk into camp. The core program is based on a carefully crafted themed manual of activities that each cabin facilitator uses to encourage the kind of discussion and sharing that leads to friendship, trust and self discovery.

By living in co-ed groups, teens learn about themselves and each other through structured experiences led by experienced facilitators that stress the YMCA Core Values in order to make it a successful weekend for all.

The cabin group activities vary from year to year, but the standard PRC events include: talent shows, pajama breakfast, all camp activities, dress-up dinner, group building games, an auction and who can forget our crazy dance party.

The main goal of the program is to provide a safe, supportive environment for high school teens to explore the diverse issues in their lives with their peers. Topics can range from identifying values, building communication skills, to relationships and making choices. Many former PRC participants and advisors have called this program a life changing event.

This Year’s Theme
The theme for PRC this year is “Hear and Now...One Voice” and will center around communication. Conference sessions will give you a chance to examine the choices you make and how these choices can empower you to discover your own unique self. Our goal is that each participant will:

1. Enjoy a safe and caring environment where the qualities you posses will be discovered, celebrated and shared with others. 2. Look at the diversity and uniqueness of each individual in an attempt to gain a better appreciation of yourself and others. 3. Discover how and when communication breaks down and the possible impact on you and those around you.

10 things you should know about PRC…


You will most likely be separated from the other people from your Y You will spend most of your time with your cabin group
While lots of things will be laid back and fun, others may be serious and reflective Know that the cabin activities are group activities that challenge you to look at yourself, where you are, what inspires & challenges you, where you want to go and how you might get there You should be prepared to meet a lot of people that may be like you and different from you all at the same time, which will be a whole new opportunity in itself

You will be expected to participate in your group during cabin sessions because that’s how the group and you will grow. Even though you do have the right to pass, being physically present does make a difference The shower may not be as wonderful as the one you have at home. The food...well its camp food but as camp food goes, it's pretty good

Know that there will be some participants that have been to PRC before, which means that they have had the chance to learn the PRC traditions, they are familiar with PRC, and probably know some people. But don't worry, you will be like that next year when you come back

To keep an open mind. Challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, even just a little Be silly, dorky, goofy and just have fun - PRC is place where you don't have to worry about being judged

Pacific Region Conference
Registration Form 2014
Teen First Name

Last Name


Phone Number

Shirt Size


Zip Code

Email Address

Payment Schedule
YMCA Members: $280

Community Members: $305

$60 - September 29, 2014
$110 – October 20, 2014
$110 – November 17, 2014

$85 - September 29, 2014
$110 – October 20, 2014
$110 – November 17, 2014

Financial Assistance is available. We accept financial responsibility for fees incurred throughout this program according to the payment schedule above. The payments are geared to program costs. We understand that termination from this program...
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