Pacific Front Notes

Topics: Attack, Soldier, Arras Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Chapter and Page number| Quotation| Moment in the novel|
Chapter 1.P. 17.| ‘I remember the taunting song “Oh my, I’m too young to die.”| Just before he arrives at the station.| Chapter 2.P. 26.| ‘A blinding flash and an exploding howl a few feet in front of the trench.My bowels liquefy.’| The first bombardment.| Chapter 2.P. 27.| ‘To our right they have started to shell the front lines. It is about half a mile away. We do not care. We are safe’| The first bombardment.| Chapter 2.P. 27-28.| ‘I can find nothing to appease my terror.’| The first bombardment.| Chapter 3. P. 34.| ‘We have long since learned that the word ‘rest’ is another military term meaning something altogether different.’| While on rest for the first time.| Chapter 3. P. 36.| ‘We are alive with vermin and sit picking at ourselves like baboons.’| While on rest the first time.| Chapter 3.P. 37| ‘We have heard every physical and emotional foible of Martha’s. It seems as though we are all married to her.’| While on rest the first time.| Chapter 3 P. 43.| ‘This is war; there is so much misery, heartaches, agony, and nothing can be done about it.’| In the estaminet, while on rest the first time.| Chapter 4P. 45-46.| ‘Somewhere it is summer, but here are the same trenches. The trees here are skeletons holding stubs of stark, shell-amputated arms. No flowers grow in this waste land.’| All along the front.| Chapter 4P. 46.| As the smudge of grey appears in the east, the odours of the trenches rise in a miasmal mist on all sides of us.| All along the front.| Chapter 4P. 47.| A thousand thundering orders! A thousand trivial rules, each with a penalty for infraction, has made will-less robots of us all.| While crawling in the trenches.| Chapter 4P. 53.| Broadbent takes the bread and cheese out of brown’s haversack and shares it with us. “Anyway” he explains, “he can’t eat anymore…..”| Not long after Brown is shot by a sniper.| Chapter 5P. 59.| We are...
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