Pablo Neruda

Topics: Chile, Poetry, Gabriela Mistral Pages: 3 (1231 words) Published: March 13, 2013
erudaMajor Works of Pablo Neruda Biographical Information Pablo Neruda did not come from a high standing or politically involved background, being that his father was a railway employee and his mother a teacher, but he still was able to provide great service to his country. Key Ideas of Noble Prize Acceptance Speech Pablo Neruda's most famous, and common works are "Viente Poemas de Amor y una Cancion de desperada," "Residencia en la Tierra," Espana en el Corazon," and Canto General. Biography, Contribution to Country, Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, Major Works, and Contribution to 20th Century Literature Pablo Neruda's Journey to a Noble Prize Pablo Neruda was born on July 12, 1904 in town of Parral in Chile , but spent most of his childhood years in Temuco, where he was raised by a single father. At a young age Neruda got to know Gabriela Mistral, the head of the girls' secondary school, and a poet who became famous for her work. Gabriela Mistral was the first person to expose Neruda to poetry and literature. At the age of 13 Neruda began to contribute some articles to the daily newspaper, "La Manana," and in 1920 he became a regular contributor to the literal journal, "Selva Austral" under the pen name Pablo Neruda. Pablo Neruda's first published book was in 1923 entitled, "Crepusculario." In the following year (1924) he published, "Veinte Poemas de Amor y una Cancion Desesperda," which became one of his most popular and famous poems. Neruda studied French and pedagogy at the University of Chile in Santiago, while making his literature. Pablo Neruda's Position in Chile Between 1927 and 1935, the Chilean government put Pablo Neruda in charge of a number of honorary consulships, which took him to Burma, Ceylon, Java, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and Madrid In 1939, Neruda was appointed consul for the Spanish emigration, residing in Paris, and, shortly afterwards, Consul General in Mexico In 1945, he was elected Senator of the Republic of Chile. His works...
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