Woodrow Wilson was the first individual to bring up the issue of politics and administration dichotomy. In a period where an abundant of people assume that politics was linked to dishonesty. Individuals who sought after a more proficiently established government thought that protection from politics was a momentous tactic for attaining that goal. Woodrow Wilson who was a chief advocate of political-administration contrast that has been hated by public administration intellectuals, but is often misinterpreted. According to Woodrow Wilson the administration should for the most part be separated from politics because the administrator can accomplish his own work. The politics controls the objectives and the strategies of government, and the administration executes those objectives and strategies. This would seem as if it is too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Administration and politics dichotomy pressures protection from politics because there is speculations that the chosen representatives cannot influence the administration or application of procedure. The administrators should trust their procedural competency to improve the best way to direct the objectives of the procedure set by the designated representatives. The government should not struggle to influence the different levels of government agencies. The individuals deem these ideas as outdated and take it as an experimental statement about how the government works perceive the levels of civil servants possess an influence on procedure while letting go of the dichotomy. It is understood that dichotomy is the designated administrators and their appointees have the lawful right to create policies for society. It is also the responsibility of the career civil servants to transmit the rules in confidence. The ethical responsibility of the dichotomy is imperative. There are many advantages and disadvantages for using a political-administration in order to advance in a certain field. Woodrow

References: Stillman, R. (2009) Public Administration: Concepts and Cases

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