PESTLE Analysis Of The Onefinestay Company

Pages: 4 (903 words) Published: August 13, 2017

PESTLE analysis is a tool to identify critical exterior factors that may affect a business. That is what PESTLE analysis is. The influences may be opportunities or it could be threats, which could become so severe the firm must shut down.
PESTLE analysis is crucial in strategic management process . But the analysis must be finished first before administration can truly harness the info.
A company using this investigation are investigating how technological politically aware, financial, social ,environmental facts and legal facts affect their business. Honestly, not all of these groups will disturb a commercial climate equally.
The PEST Test is an analysis responsible for looking at the macro-environment of the businesses that ae beyond the...

Depending upon the state of location, the Onefinestay Company may be affected by the social changes that occur in the same. For instance, instead of renting houses, groups and families that are visiting the state may decide to camp in wooden areas and forests. As such, the profit margins of the company may fall.
c) Technological
Factors associated with the changes and the development of technology may adversely affect the services offered by the business. Faster means of transport may ensure that people can travel within different states without the need of a place to stay overnight and thus rendering the housing firm empty and thus preventing the same from reaching their set goals.
d) Legal
The licensing and regulations boards for given Countries are different and they all have different regulatory rules. Onefinestay, providing their services in many states, may be faced with challenges from the local authorities of a given state. For instance, the taxation in London is not the same as that in Paris and if one were to increase, it would adversely affect the services of Onefinestay and otherwise be a challenge to them

The framework is based upon the economy of industrial organization to determine the five forces that impact the competitiveness of a given firm and how it can attract the potential clients. The framework is responsible for generating the effectiveness of a given business.
a) Threat of New Errant
Fierce competition in a declining market sets high barriers to entry. Moreover high costs and imminent danger of lawsuits set the barrier even higher. The higher the barrier to entry in the competitive market, the more it becomes harder for new companies to be formed providing similar products and services.
b) Threat of Substitution
If there exist some competitors within the market, then it is evident that there is the threat of substitution especially to the one dominating the market. The Onefinestay Company faces a lot of competition from the companies and other similar firms that offer services of renting and housing. Some of these firms may offer cheaper facilities compared to those of Onefinestay. There exists the risk of substitution of Onefinestay with such...
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