P5 Explain How Employee Performance Is Measured And Managed

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P5 – explain how employee performance is measured and managed

Describe these 3 methods of measuring performance
1. Performance indicators – performance indicators outline what an employee does right for example if they receive a 10/10 positive feedback from who they serve and zero defects. 2. Goal theory – this is a method of motivation in which someone is given a goal to work towards to so their work output will increase. 3. SMART targets - choose at 3 from this list -

Sales targets – this is a figure that an employee must work towards and they can see if they are meeting it. Is comparable to other months/years

Waiting times – If a customer has to wait less than this will mean that productivity within the business is getting better. This is usually measured in hospitals.

Pass rates – If pass rates are increasing then this means that the organisation is doing something correctly and improving its productivity. If pass rates decrease then the organisation needs to work harder to change this.

Managing performance
For each of these 4 case studies describe the methods of managing performance and suggest how they could be applied to the business in the case study

Case study 1 Evolution Jewellery
Charles at Evolution Jewellery has called you in because he is finding that in his staff team that there are very varying levels of performance, particularly in relation to the quality of customer service. He has had increasing levels of customer complaints and sales are falling. There are 2 members of staff who only started 3 weeks ago, one in particular has very poor customer service skills. Out of the other 6 staff you have observed that everybody is serving staff very differently.

Describe these methods of managing performance & how Charles could use them at Evolution Jewellery -Probationary period
-Staff appraisal system
-Supporting employees by mentoring, monitoring and buddying
-Ensuring that staff members are competent to do the...
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