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P5- Explain how these functional areas are linked in one of these organisations

Functional areas are used in many businesses and are very effective as different areas work together to do or produce one thing. Tesco is a multinational company and also have functional areas such as: Human rescores
Customer service
Administration and support
Research and development
Finance and department
Product operation
Each one of these areas have a role to do in all functional areas but every area works together as one taking key information from each other and using it to do their job. Human resources department

In Tesco human resources department is known as the personnel. There job is to do many things such as hiring employs for the company, control employee benefits, control promotion and pay rises and give warnings and layoffs. Overall the human recourses department have a large control over the company. If the employs in the human recourses department were good they could improve the company's profit margins as they trying harder to find more trained and punctual people could mean that the company does not have to waste money on training them and if they are punctual they don't have to waste money on putting supplies overall saving money. The human resources department works with the finical department to share information about the amount of money coming in and out. If the relationship between these two departments is tensed then the business may not be able to track were the money is going and the amount of money coming in and out. Customer services

The customer services department is one of the most key functional areas as Tesco's main target audience is everyone and the customer services department is there to talk and look after customers need to make them feel valued and welcoming. On a daily bases the customer services department: offers information and credit facilities, arrange deliveries, provides after- sales service and manages many...
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