P4;explain possible priorities and responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health or social care setting.

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P4;explain possible priorities and responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health or social care setting & M2; discuss, health, safety or security concerns arising from a specific incident or emergency in a health and social care setting&D2;Justify responses to a particular incident or emergency in a health or social care setting.

My health and social care setting is an under 5's nursery, within my setting there may be many incidents or emergencies. There could be incidents within my setting such as bumping their heads, falling over, tripping over toys. An emergency within my setting could be things such as fire's or severe injuries such as being knocked unconscious. In this assignment I will cover two incidents or emergencies, the ones I will be covering are actual and suspected abuse and exposure to infection, I will start of with my P4; explaining possible priorities and responses when dealing with these incidents, I will then go onto D2; justifying why I am making those responses, finally I will go onto my M3;; where I will discuss the health, safety and security of individuals within my setting when the incident or emergency occurs.

In a case of actual abuse your priority is the children, you should make sure there is trusted members of staff to listen to them at all times and take what they are saying seriously, it is vital that staff do not just brush it off as a silly comment or something they've "heard on TV", they should do this because although they may be unsure about what the child is telling them, it is most likely true, children of this age do not fabricate things such as this, they should not just shrug it off and take any notice because they have to relay as much detail to their supervisor as possible.In the case of a child expressing to an adult about abuse, they should listen carefully, don't walk away from the child or disrupt them whilst they are telling you, you should feel privileged as a child confiding in you about their abuse must mean they trust you, they should not do this because it will make the child feel although they are completely alone and isolated and although they are not being heard, they will lose the trust they had in them.Whilst the child is confiding in you you should make sure you try to maintain professionalism, you should do this because if you start to get personally involved and staff see you are getting personally involved, it may be hard for them to 100% trust everything you are relaying to them! it may be hard for the child to also understand what is acceptable within your relationship.

Listen carefully to them, try get them to sit with you in a quiet environment, you should do this because there is less distraction for the child, meaning they wont just run off and play, it is also easier for you to hear everything the child is saying to you in depth, this also protects the child's dignity and stops other children hearing what they are saying, or other children trying to grab your attention away from the situation. Don't not be afraid of awkward silences either and definitely don't try to fill them, you shouldn't do this because it can be seen as your trying to push the child for answers, which should never be done. You shouldn't really ask the children questions, the reason you should not do this is people can assume you are trying to put things in their heads or pushing them for answers they don't feel comfortable giving, it's also vital you don't ask them questions as different people are going to be doing a lot of that. Try to sit at the children's level and try to maintain eye contact with them, be aware of your body language. You should be aware of this because if you are too close to them or try to touch their hands to comfort them, this may make them shut down due to the abuse they are experiencing, being touched is uncomfortable to them. Once the child has expressed to you the abuse they are experiencing you should tell...
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