P3 Plan Market Research For A Selected Product P4

Topics: Quantitative research, Scientific method, Research Pages: 2 (1244 words) Published: April 17, 2015
P3 plan market research for a selected product/service using appropriate methods of data collection In this task I will plan market research for a selected service in my event management organisation and I will be explaining the methods The research objective I will be focusing on is target market, this is essential because the business I have selected is event management specialising in wedding planning and it is necessary that I know the needs and wants of customers from different backgrounds. Defining my target market will help me focus on my objective and will allow me offer better service. If I don't concentrate on whom my target audience is than it will result in me making less customers than I should me, so target market is important in order to meet my businesses objective which is to have a diverse and an organisation that could apply to everyone of the data collection. On the new state of the art reseal able cans for Ball see what can be done to promote their new product of the state of the art reseal able cans which haven’t been released. With the market team, I am going to perform extensive market research in order to have a successful launch for state of the art reseal able cans. Specifically, I am going look at the reseal able cans. The target audience is young people aged 13-25. The research methods I have decided to use are surveys and online research because both of these methods will allow me to find out my target market quicker and it doesn't take a lot of time to carry out. Surveys can help to identify the different types of services people want and are looking for in event management businesses and online research can allow me to estimate the overall amount of people from different backgrounds and cultures who come to businesses to organise events for them. I will use surveys so that I can find out what people views are and what the different thing they are interested in and this I will help me to gather information about who I will be...
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