P3 Explain The Skills And Personal Qualities

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Unit 13 – Command and
By Kristian Norris

P3 - Explain the skills and personal qualities required for command and control
M2 - Assess the skills required for given practical
command and control scenarios and compare these to
own performance
It is very important in the public services that we see

many skills and qualities from a personnel to show
that they have command and control
In this presentation I have used three skills and three
qualities, describe them, giving an example and then
giving a real life scenario in which I have undergone.

Communication - Skill
Communications is the passing on of information

through multiple ways such as speaking or writing.
Good communication is needed as they will be
expected to talk and listen to members of the public
or co-workers, we would see an example of this when
they would visit a family after the death or injury of a
loved one where they must go in and communicate

We saw a good example of communication in the

‘Coppers Series 1 - Episode 2 – Traffic’ video where one the Police officers had to go in and speak to an elderly
man who had not so long ago lost his partner due to a
car collision.
The police officer went into the situation using the best type of communication for the scenario showing
sympathy and empathy towards the person.
This shows that he understands how important his
choice of communication was in this situation.

Real life scenario
I used communication a lot when doing command

and control tasks, one example of this was the ‘Paper
Bridge’ task which involved myself stepping up and
talking to all my team members and getting out the
best possible decisions on how to tackle it.
As I have a lot of experience I took control of the
situation along with two others and by
communicating with each other and the whole team
we came up with the quickest bridge that was also
very stable too.

Discipline - Skill
Discipline is the ability to obey and follow rules with

punishments being handed out if disobeyed.
 Being disciplined and enthusiastic are needed as you
will not be watched under a close eye so will be
expected to follow the rules set out whilst out doing
their job. have many different types of objectives to
complete in any environment

When the Police Dog handling team came in an

visited us with their dogs the officers showed a lot of
discipline but so did the dogs. Following every order
they were given, sticking close to their officer and
using their training to tackle the tasks they were
The officers showed that through discipline they
alongside their dogs could go into any situation and
do what they have been trained to do.

Real life scenario
An example of where I have used this in real life

situations would be drill.
Drill is done every Wednesday involving numerous
calls that we would do as a team with everyone
performing them together following the orders that
have been given to use exactly.
Some of the orders given would that such as parade,
at ease, fallout and more.

Teamwork - Skill
You have to be able to work with a team when

completing an objective with full co-operation,
communication and control.
They must have full trust in each other, and also
understand each other’s body language and
instructions. They must be ready for any type of
emergency such as car crashes or burning buildings
taking the lives of many into mind.

I saw an example of this when watching the ‘Coppers

Series 1 Episode 2 – Traffic’
 Which showed the Police working with the traffic
cops and ambulance service to help deal with a car
collision which involved a van.
The three forces worked together efficiently and
effectively to take control of the situation and ensure
that all casualties were being dealt with and that the
wreckage was being cleared.

Real life scenario
Almost every single...
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