P2 U8

Topics: Quantitative research, Research, Reliability, Participation, Scientific method, Data / Pages: 2 (429 words) / Published: Jun 4th, 2013
(P2) Unit 8 methodology for children’s care, learning and development

Tom Hollins


It is very important that you choose the right method for you to get the best information which meets the aims and intentions of the research.
There is many different types of raw data there is numerical data called Quantative and Qualititive which is the thoughts and beliefs of the participant, this means that it is descriptive and personal as it is coming straight from the individual.

Qualitative is the research where the participants language, thoughts and opinions are recorded. So the people which have been asked to join will become a research participant within a target group. A target group is all the people who are involved where their answers will become raw data which is unprocessed.
This must be a random sample of participants as you need unplanned answers to give a reliable piece of research. But this type of research is unreliable at times as the individual may lie or the person may misunderstand the question, this makes the answers unreliable and this may affect the overall result. Quantative research is when the collection of data is in numerical form where the use of pie chats, graphs and tables this makes the research very reliable as their cant be any misunderstandings or lies, but on the other hand the data isn’t descriptive and diverse so their isn’t a big range between the answers.

The research participants can either be random or purposive as they are drawn out through questionnaires, interviews or observations. if the researcher does a purposive draw its because he/she wants to get a certain person I.e. if the researcher is doing a piece on mums and children then he/she will choose mums and children, anyone else and it would make the research pointless.
The two paradigms are inclusive within a piece of research and when used correctly can make a very reliable piece of research. Also when you have finished gathering primary

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