P2 - to Achieve P2, You Will Describe the Limitations and Constraints of Marketing.

Topics: Marketing, Consumer, Consumer protection Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: May 16, 2012
Task 2

To achieve P2, you will describe the limitations and constraints of marketing.

Prepare an information sheet that readers of your article could access online. This information sheet should include: * Legal requirements
* Voluntary codes and constraints
* Refer to examples you can find (see www.asa.org.uk)
This part of the assignment will be assessed as an individual report written about one organisation.

Consumer Law
Consumer Law is where marketing activities of the business must be within the constraints of the law. In recent years the European Union has strengthened consumer protection law. Businesses must keep up to date with legislation so that their activities are not unlawful Sales of Goods Act 1979

The sales of goods act requires traders to sell goods that are as the described and advertised. The product must also be of satisfactory quality. This means for a company like Apple, the products must be described accurately when advertised and they will not be able to make any false claims that cannot be proved. Trading Regulations 2008

This act entitles all customers to fair treatment and honesty from any business they deal with. Under this act, businesses cannot use aggressive sales tactics such as using fear or a sense of urgency to sell their products. Businesses cannot put on dishonest promotions such as a ‘closing down sale’ when they are not even closing down. Apple cannot advertise their products with features that they don’t have. The latest iPhone boasts the best resolution screen of it’s kind, which then had to be tested and researched by an independent organisation to see it the claim was correct; which it was. Consumer Credit Acts 1974 and 2006

These acts apply to businesses that offer goods or services on credit or companies that lend money to consumers. To be in this catergory, businesses must be licensed by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). Any complaints that arise between the business and a customer are settled...
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