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P2 Oxfam
Oxfam has a few stake holders but not as many as Costa; this is because it’s a charity and this means it doesn’t have as many stake holders. For example Oxfam doesn’t have owners because Oxfam is a charitable organisation. A stake holder is someone who has an interest or an investment in the business. Oxfam stake holders are the following: customers, suppliers, and local / national communities. The first stake holder would be the customers of Oxfam. The customers of Oxfam are key stake holders in a business; this is because the customers are the main people who are giving money to that company. Without customers Oxfam is not making any money to give straight to the charity and if there is no money there is no improvement towards the cause. Customers have an interest as a stakeholder because they want to find out where the money goes and what role Oxfam has in helping the charity. Another thing customers would have interest is because they are spending their money on Oxfam’s products, and they want to know if the products are good quality, fair trade, and cheap. Customers expect the business to be eco-friendly and pay their taxes. There has been a lot of boycott from businesses like Starbucks in the UK from the customers because the customers didn’t agree with how Starbucks weren’t paying taxes. Customers as stake holders are hard to please because they expect so much for one company. There are positive and negative impacts on having customers as stake holders. The positive impact is that positive feedback from customers will makes a great reputation that could increase the amount of donations Oxfam receives. Oxfam wouldn’t be achieving their aims of helping communities out of poverty without the spenders back in their Homebase. So it is vital that any customer that shows an interest in the business is satisfied with what the company does. The second stake holder would the suppliers of Oxfam. Oxfam is an international organisation that each of the 17...
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