Topics: Scientific method, Medicine, Pseudoscience Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: January 30, 2015
Chantel Hurst
Unit 23 complementary therapies
Financial restriction
Public sector
Private sector culture
Lack of financial resources; lack of support from health and social care Structural barriers
Regulatory and economic barriers
Belief barriers
Power relationship
the lack of scientific proof - alone is perhaps not reason enough to dismiss the possibility that a new treatment might be valuable or effective. lack of education - related to complementary/alternative therapies in nursing schools. Ways of obtaining care services and barriers to access

Key issue: How can people gain access to care services and what can prevent people from being able to use services they need? The ways that people gain access to care services are known as methods of referral. You should know about the different methods of referral that exist. These are: * self-referral: choose to ask for or go to the services by themselves * professional referral: being put in contact with a service by care practitioner such as a doctor, nurse, or social worker for example. * third-party referral: being put in contact with a service by a friend, neighbour, relative or another person who is not employed as a care practitioner (for example, own employer or a teacher). You should also be able to identify barriers that might prevent people from making use of the services that they need including: * physical barriers: for example, stairs, a lack of lifts and a lack of adapted toilet facilities can prevent access to premises by people with mobility problems. * psychological barriers: for example, fear of losing independence, the stigma associated with some services and not wanting to be looked after can deter people from making use of care services. Mental health problems can also prevent those in need from accessing services * financial barriers: for example, charges and fees can deter and exclude people who have not got the money to pay for...
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