P1 unit one communication in the heath and social care setting

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Why is a communication skill important to have in a health and social care sector? Communication skills are important as different service users may communicate differently to you there are different reason that can stop people from communicating to you. Communication is skills are important as service users are vulnerable so to have effective communication you will be able to put them at ease and reassure them. It sometimes helps to be clear and calm as it helps the service users to understand their situation and feel everything is in control. It also helps to make a connection with the service users as they will be more trusting of you and are willing to open up to you in situations and they know you are making an effort to understand them.  It  important to be understanding of the service users as they are vulnerable and need to be able to see you are non judgemental. Also you are willingly to help them through their situation.  It is important to get your point across to service user so they know what is happening in their situation and they feel like they are being cared for. Without effective communication it is difficult to make sure you are understood. Context communication

One to one communication
One to one communication is communicating information to one another in a workplace environment. This is very important because if you need information you will need to make sure that you are able to communicate with other people well and you are friendly and warm. This is one to one communication.  The first thing you will do is greet the service user you will make them feel warm and welcomed because they will need to be aware that they are being needed so they can focus on you instead. You would then maybe exchange information about personal things for example what you did in the weekend to make them feel more comfortable and more interactive in the conversation. This will also help make a connection and they will be able to give you more information. Then you will greet them as you will leave as this will make the service user feel more trusting of you as they believe that you enjoy talking to them. It is important to be able to use one to one communication as different people will have a similar structure to their conversation so they will be familiar with this structure without realising and by using one to one communication a service user feel in control and is sub consciously aware of how the conversation will go. It also makes sure that the conversation is structured as it gives direction. At placement I had a conversation with the granddad of child A. We had a conversation we greeted each other and then we had a conversation about A and how A was every energetic and loved to run around and how the granddad of A always would run after him. I had told granddad of A that I had a nephew who was the same as he was. One to one communication is important as it shows that I had tried to make effort with him and he knew i valued his comments and i had made a link this is a way to gain trust as well and they know I can be trusted with child A. Group communication

Group communication is a group of people communicating together. There are aspects that you need to think about. Is there a leader, have you prepared what you speaking are you good at taking turns, and can everyone see everyone. Group communication only works if everyone wants to participate as they will be more interactive in the conversation if they want to be there and will be less if they feel forced into something. It is as important as formal group of people some people will be quiet as they are worrying about people reaction.  It is important to have the right emotional atmosphere people in groups use humour and friendly ways to encourage people to talk this is because people will feel more relaxed and will be more opened in the conversation. It is important in formal group communication to have a leader as they are able to control and lead the...
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