P1 Interpersonal and Effective Communication

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Communication P1

P.1 – Produce a guidance document explaining the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context for a new member of staff (using a hospital or care home setting) to include: Communication: text messaging, written, oral, signing, technology. Interpersonal interaction: language, non-verbal (choose 2 issues under each heading from unit specification page 3).

Effective communication
The role of effective communication is important in any work setting especially in any health care setting. Effective communication is when someone is getting a message across or explaining a topic fully with using the least information possible it is when information is transmitted accurately and simply such as in a hospital or care home information that any staff needs to know will be given to them in the easiest and simplest form possible. Communication although is not effective if the person you are giving the information to is not listening. Effective communication can be between colleagues or professionals and people using the services. There are many different forms of communication these include; •text messaging

music and drama
arts and crafts
Text messaging
This is done on an everyday basis this is done on devices such as mobile phones and computers. The messages are sent through a large ariel in space. Such as in a care home or nursery school the staff would sometimes keep in contact through text messages this is good for when they are out of work and can’t speak to each other. Written

There are many different forms of written communication. Most of our communication is in written form. We have newspapers that tell us what’s happening round the world daily, also we have books about everything under the sun and we have magazines and leaflets that give information on health topics such as pregnancy, diabetes, care etc. Within in any health care setting this is important and comes into play in recording medical treatments or medicines, instructions on treatment and medication and also agreements between two people. Signing

This is a way of communicating for those who are deaf they use their hands to speak. There is an official British sign language. This would come into health care frequently and in hospitals and care homes there should always be someone that knows this in case of a patient who is deaf.

There are different contexts of communication these include; One to one this is one individual communicating to another individual such as in a conversation or email or instant messaging. This can occur on an everyday basis in any health care setting such as one nurse speaking to another nurse about a patient. Group

This is when more than two people are communicating with each other this can range from 3 to any number such as a class lecture consisting of about 60 people. Group communication is effective as it sends the same information to the entire group at the same time. This can happen in a health care setting such as a care home when they have staff meetings. Formal

This is when people use rules of language in either written or verbal communication such as in a letter from your doctor or either when you have an interview for a job. Formal communication comes into every health and social care setting such as when you’re in hospital and the doctor comes around to see you he would use formal language. Informal

This is a more laid back type of communication such as if you were talking to your family or friends you don’t have to use rule of language and this can be present in some health and social care settings such as a social worker or key worker that you have known for perhaps a long time you would then be more comfortable with them and your language would be more laidback rather than formal.

There are a few factors and skill that help in effective...
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