P1 - Effects of acute exercise on the energy systems

Topics: Blood, Heart, Oxygen Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: November 3, 2013
The effect of acute exercise on the Musculoskeletal, Energy, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Andrew White
Musculoskeletal System
There is an increase in blood supply as your body is working overtime. The blood supply has to increase because it has to go to the parts in your body which you are exercising the most e.g. If you are taking a run, the blood supply will increase because your legs will need more energy, therefore there will be more blood circulating your legs than normal because you are overworking them. Your muscles and all your body organs need more energy and oxygen; this is because your body is working more than usual. Your body needs to do many things such as sweat, which helps you cool down, and to get energy to all of your cells in your body to help you carry on exercising, if your body didn't do this, you wouldn't be able to carry on exercising. During acute exercise your muscle pliability increases which allows a greater range of movement which helps reduce injury. Acute exercise will cause muscle fibre micro tears. This is generally known as micro-trauma. The myosin heads and the actin filaments will be pulled from the myofibrils. This damage will cause a release of chemicals that cause the soreness after your period of exercise. The chemicals released also stimulate repair and growth in the area to rebuild the tears in the muscle. Energy Systems

Energy systems response to acute exercise happens when the exercise is a high intensity, which is too much for the cardiovascular and respiratory system to deal with. The first response is to use the creatine phosphate energy system. This works in the fast-twitch muscle fibre of the muscles high energy creatine phosphate compounds which are able to break down extremely quickly to create large amounts of ATP. ATP is where we get the energy from to continue and this system only works for the first 10 to 20 seconds of exercise with 100% effort. It is likely that the lactic acid system would...
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