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8th Jun 2011

Attn.:Ms Wendy Ng
Diocesan Preparatory School
1 Chester Road, Kowloon Tong

Dear Ms Ng,

Application for Admission to Primary 1 for Academic Year 2011-2012 –

I am very happy to write to you an introduction of my daughter, , and to apply for an opportunity to join the great family of Diocesan Preparatory School. Your interesting and challenging environment would provide an opportunity in which xxxx can actively be involved in het learning. The curriculum provided in your school can sever as a place to develop children’s ability to think for themselves and enjoy learning.

xxxx is a cheerful, responsible and considerate girl. She has the initiatives to learn and she specially loves painting and sports. She has athletics and painting lessons regularly and she often takes part in running races and painting competition and got outstanding results. Recently, she won Champion of Girls Family Relay and 1st Runner-up of painting in 4th HK Child Art Festival. The exposure and experience that she has gained are invaluable and have equipped her with the confidence to meet the challenges in the future. We are assured that xxxx can develop her potential to the full under your quality and all-round school education. In this regard, we enclose xxxx’s personal portfolio setting out further information about her qualities for your consideration.

Thank you very much for considering her application and we should be grateful if you could offer a place to xxxx.

We look forward to receiving your favorable reply soon.

Yours sincerely,

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