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Lost statue finds way back home
Mission complete: Luke Brown’s sculpture is back
By mtrxism
Last month we had to tell you the unfortunate news that the statue of Luke Brown – one of the greatest psychedelic artist alive – had been stolen at O.Z.O.R.A. from the Looney Moon Art Gallery. Not long after the newspaper had come out, we got wonderful news from Looney Moon: „Today the Ozorian Prophet has given us back the sculpture, ‘cause the guy that bought it from the one who stole it already got in contact with Luke and he’s gonna give back the sculpture in the next few days. Guys did a good job with the article:-) Thanx a lot really” You are very welcome, guys! We share your happiness! FRESH RELEASES

The movie ‘Magic Garden 2012 @ O.Z.O.R.A.’ is out

Psytrance above all
Psychedelic Musical Superiority
By Chemical
Over the past few years a seemingly never-ending debate about music has been present among the members of our community. The dispute usually derives from a disagreement concerning our treatment of musical styles outside of our own personal taste, and more importantly, our attitude towards the opinion and taste of others that deviates from our own. First of all, what do we consider psychedelic? Do we make distinctions between musical genres according to their „psychedelicness?” How do we treat different subgenres? How do we approach electronic musical styles other than trance that have some psychedelic quality? Are they – in a way – subordinate to trance? Does some kind of hierarchy exist according to the assumed „psychedelicness” of genres? Continues on page 2 ASTROLOGY



The more than a half of an hour long film about the Ozorian Magic Garden consists of four chapters.

The first is a mood-journey through the Magic Garden, from the gates to the big stage. The second and third shortly show the months of Art Camp, followed by the months of building and creating. The last chapter is about a Magic Garden day during the festival. All this in a music video style, spiced with short interview inserts in which we can hear the garden builders, designers, the program organizers, as well as András Feldmár, Viktor Kubiszyn, and others… Enjoy the magic moments!!!

By sue

It’s all about music
Music continues on page 2

Magic Garden 2012 @ O.Z.O.R.A. Festival
Filmed and edited by: Krisztián Pamuki,
Labormédia Workshop

Additional footage: Péter Busák, Levente
Kölcsey-Gyurkó, Dániel Szandtner, Csaba Antal Interviews: Péter Müller, Csaba Mata, Péter Busák, Márton Szuhay, Levente Kölcsey-Gyurkó

Until we can gather in front of the huge speakers of our majestic Ozorian dancefloor again lift your spirits with the best Psytrance in winter time and check out what our artists have been up to!

November 13: Total Solar Eclipse
By Peter Antal

Forecast October November

The roots of psychedelic trance
The psychedelic revolution never stopped. It just had to travel halfway around the world to a deserted beach at the end of a dirt road where it was allowed to mutate and evolve without government or media pressures until a new paradigm was achieved: the Goa state of mind. By Goa Gil Edited by Michael McAteer

The 1960s in San Francisco, where I grew up, was a unique space and time. All of us there were experiencing something indescribably new. Most of all, psychedelic music had exploded into our consciousness and had changed us forever. It seemed as though a new dawn had broken all over the world… and if San Francisco was any indication, the dawn was Cosmic. But by the end of the summer of 1969, while the Woodstock nation was on suburban TV sets, the bubble had burst, the magic had faded, and something special had been lost. It was during this time that many of us decided to take our trip on the road. We...
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