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Topics: Sexual arousal, Orgasm, Motivation Pages: 21 (4171 words) Published: February 24, 2013

1.|Although several students in the classroom are talking loudly, Jim's attention is focused only on what his girlfriend is saying. In this instance, the girlfriend's voice is a: | A)|perceptual adaptation. |

B)|perceptual set. |
C)|figure. |
D)|gestalt. |

2.|In Hilgard's hidden observer studies, a person's hypnotized self usually indicated ________ to pain and a person's hidden observer indicated ________ to pain. | A)|insensitivity; sensitivity |
B)|sensitivity; insensitivity |
C)|sensitivity; sensitivity |
D)|insensitivity; insensitivity |

3.|A review of sex research and education indicates that: |
A)|scientific methods prevent sex research from being influenced by psychologists' personal values. | B)|sexual activity is largely a medical issue, not a moral issue. | C)|the labels researchers use to describe sexual behavior are often value-laden. | D)|public standards of morality are irrelevant to something as private and personal as human sexual behavior. |

4.|Dr. Ligorano has devoted his professional life to researching the wants and needs that energize and direct behavior. His area of research has obviously been: | A)|emotion. |
B)|behavior genetics. |
C)|adaptation. |
D)|cognition. |
E)|motivation. |

5.|When people experience positive emotions, the ________ hemisphere of the brain becomes ________ electrically active. | A)|right; less |
B)|right; more |
C)|left; less |
D)|left; more |

6.|People are most biologically predisposed to learn to fear: | A)|electricity. |
B)|guns. |
C)|other people. |
D)|spiders. |

7.|In a pleasant but unfamiliar setting, infants with an insecure maternal attachment are most likely to: | A)|feel immediately reassured and comforted when their mothers leave them. | B)|show indifference or hostility when their mothers approach them after a brief absence. | C)|happily leave their mother's side and explore their new surroundings. | D)|demonstrate unusually low levels of stranger anxiety. |

8.|Age regression refers to: |
A)|our natural tendency to relive successful experiences in our daydreams. | B)|the hypnotically induced reliving of earlier life experiences. | C)|the life review that is reported in the near-death experience. | D)|the flashbacks to childhood that often occur during an LSD trip. |

9.|In a ring-toss game, people with a high need for achievement prefer to stand ________ the stake on which the ring is to be tossed. | A)|either close to or far from |
B)|far away from |
C)|close to |
D)|at an intermediate distance from |

10.|Research indicates that alcohol: |
A)|disrupts the processing of recent experiences into long-term memories. | B)|impairs recall of existing long-term memories. |
C)|impairs short-term recall of what has just been said. |
D)|does all the above. |

11.|The deterioration of memory, reasoning, and language that accompanies Alzheimer's disease is called: | A)|role confusion. |
B)|menarche. |
C)|crystallized intelligence. |
D)|dementia. |

12.|John experienced excessive fear while flying because he interpreted his rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, and heavy perspiration as a reaction to the imminent danger of an air accident. When his psychotherapist convinced him that this physical arousal was simply a harmless reaction to acceleration, cabin pressure, and confined space, his fear of flying was greatly reduced. The reduction in John's fear is best understood in terms of the: | A)|adaptation-level principle. |

B)|catharsis hypothesis. |
C)|relative deprivation principle. |
D)|two-factor theory. |
E)|James-Lange theory. |

13.|Alfred Kinsey's study of American sexual practices in the 1940s indicated that: | A)|a majority of married women reported that they had never had an orgasm. | B)|a majority of both women and men reported that they masturbated. | C)|women who reported masturbating before marriage typically had difficulties experiencing orgasm after marriage. |...
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