Oysters helping clean up polluted waters

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Oysters helping clean up polluted waters By Verena Dobnik September 3, 2012

1 What is the article about? : Its about how a scientist
 Ray Grizzle from the University of New Hampshire finds oysters in the Bronx River, which is good according to its current conditions. And talks about how the city is trying to put more all around and also New Jersey.   

2 Why is the reading considered a science article? : Cause it talks about oysters and they are apart of marine biology.   
3 Whom dose this article impact: all people who live in NY and NJ  
4 How dose this article relate to this course: well this is living environment and oysters are living things  
1 What is this article about?
 this article is about how a scientist ,Ray Grizzle from the University of New Hampshire went to the Bronx one day and found a hand full of oysters in the wost part of the Bronx river. He was surprised because of all the things that where already in the water such as old tiers shopping carts and rank debris they even found a gun one time. Also in the article tells how theres a Restoration project called “The Oyster Restoration Research Project” it’s a new york non profit group they also work with NY/NJ BayKeeper at the Bronx site  

2 why is this reading considered a science
why this reading considered a science is cause is they talk about the restoration project they have, they also talk about oysters what there plan is to put reefs on governors island off of manhattan. they also are trying to rejuvenate the oyster population in the Hudson river. They also say that new york harbor failed because New York Harbor failed because the oysters were swept away by currents and boat wakes. So that means they have to have a close eye on them. And beds of oysters are growing in half a dozen locations.  

3 Whom dose this article impact ?
this article impacts the people of new york, and the people of new jersey people of all ages.  If the water in the harbor gets...
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