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Oxygen sensor invention could benefit fisheries to breweries | MSU News...

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Oxygen sensor invention could benefit fisheries to breweries Contact: Layne Cameron, University Relations, Office: (517) 353-8819, Cell: (765) 748-4827, layne.cameron@ur.msu.edu Published: April 04, 2011

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EAST LANSING, Mich. — Monitoring oxygen levels in water has applications for oil spills, fish farming, brewing beer and more – and a professor at Michigan State University is poised to help supply that need.

The concept of oxygen sensors isn’t new. The challenge, however, has been manufacturing one that can withstand fluctuations in temperature, salinity, carbon dioxide, phosphates and biological wastes. Ruby Ghosh, associate professor of physics, was able to overcome those obstacles as well as build one that provides real-time data and is relatively inexpensive. “We have been able to take advantage of steep price drops in components used for telecommunications and medical imaging,” said Ghosh, who will be presenting her research at the Bio-Optics: Design and Application meeting April 4-6 at Monterey, Calif. “We were able to build a sensor with relatively inexpensive components, yet it is sensitive, reliable and can operate in a variety of environments.”

Constantly testing dissolved oxygen is critical in industries such as:

Ruby Ghosh, associate professor
of physics, has invented a
dissolved oxygen sensor that has
applications from fisheries to
breweries. Photo by Greg Kohuth
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or high-resolution version.

Aquaculture – where fish are raised in oxygen-rich, high-density environments. Beverage manufacturing – which constantly monitors dissolved oxygen levels during the fermentation and bottling processes.

Biomedical research – which could use probes to further cancer research by detecting changes in oxygen dependence in relation to tumor growth....
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